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Professor David Colin-Thomé
Curriculum Vitae
Officer of The Order of the British Empire - 1997
Honorary visiting professor of Health Policy and Management Manchester Business School and of the Centre for Public Policy and Health, University of Durham.

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - 1966
  • Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - 1969
  • Diploma in Child Health - 1971
  • Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners - 1973
  • Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners - 1990
  • Member of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine - 1994
  • Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine - 2002, (now  Faculty of Public Health)
  • Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners - 2005
  • Fellow Royal College of Physicians - 2006
  • Fellow Queen’s Nursing Institute - 2009
1971-1987     General Practitioner (Principal) Castlefields Health Centre,
1979-1990     Halton District Councillor' Cheshire(Chairman of the Environmental 
                    Health Committee and member of the Policy Committee),
1979–1981     Halton Community Health Council Member
1981–1990     Halton Health Authority Member
1987-1994     General Practitioner (Managing Partner, full-time) Castlefields
                    Health Centre, Runcorn...
1990–1992     Member of Cheshire FHSA
1992–1994     Primary Care Adviser, Mersey Regional Health Authority
1994-2006     General Practitioner (Managing Partner, part-time) Castlefields
                    Health Centre, Runcorn... 
1994–1996     Director Primary Care (part-time), North West Regional Office,
1997–1998     Senior Medical Officer (part-time) Scottish Office Primary Care
                    Directorate (for 22 months)
1998–2001     Primary Care Adviser, Dorset Community Trust and Dorset Health
1998–2001     Primary Care Adviser, the North West Regional Office, NHSE
1998–2001     Director of Primary Care, London Regional Office, NHSE
2001–2002     Primary Care Adviser, London Regional Office
1988–2002     Honorary Fellow of the Manchester Centre for Healthcare
                    Management (formerly Health Services Management Unit) at
                    Manchester University
2005-2007     Adviser to Central Manchester University Hospital
2006-2007     General Practitioner (Partner, part-time) Castlefields Health
                    Centre, Runcorn
2001-2007     National Clinical Director for Primary Care, DH.
  • Extensively in the U.K and overseas
  • Travelled overseas on behalf of the British Council to South Africa, Colombia and the World Bank in Washington D.C.
  • Temporary Faculty Member Harvard University Public Health Department for yearly seminars on Managed Care – an International Perspective
  • Address to commemorate the granting of a chair to Professor Nancy Kane, Harvard University 2003
  • Chair of the Mersey Faculty of the Royal College of GPs
  • Future Healthcare Workforce (Bournemouth University formerly Manchester University), Member of Steering Group.
  • Editor of Fundholding Management Handbook
  • Member of the DH Abrams Committee
  • Member of the DH Functions and Manpower Review Committee
  • Member of the National Community Care Development Programme Steering Group
  • Committee Member, National Association of Fundholding Practices
  • Member of the Steering Group of the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre
  • Member of the Chief Medical Officer’s project to strengthen the Public Health function in England.
  • Member Royal College of Physicians Working Party – New roles for the Healthcare Workforce
  • School Governor
  • Parliamentary Candidate
  • Schooling- Hutton Grammar School, Preston, Lancashire.
  • Newcastle University Medical School graduate 1961-1966
  • Four years hospital service in the North East of England
  • House Officer in Surgery and Medicine – 6 months each
  • Senior House Officer- Paediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynaecology  – 6 months each
  • Paediatric Registrar – Newcastle-on-Tyne Teaching Hospital – 2 years
  • Born in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1943
  • Lived in the United Kingdom since 1947
  • Married to Christine, father of Mark and Jill, grandfather of Amber, Jacob, Luca, Ryan, Beth and Zachary.
  • Everton Football Club supporter (obsessive)
  • Current affairs
  • Lancashire Cricket Club supporter
  • Travelling overseas
  • Eclectic tastes in music, dance, theatre, films and books (time pressures ensure only intermittent involvement)
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